MH = (collector + commission)3

'Ideas of Life'



Mark Humphrey is an international award winning Artist Inventor Designer, who combines these disciplines together (Art + Invention + Design)³. Known as a polymath for creativity; Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture, Lighting, Fashion, Textile, Industrial Design and Music, including Sculpture and Public Art. Innovative Product Sculptures and Architectural Installations crafted with his specialist partners, pioneering interior and exterior environments. He is quoted as ‘a new super-discipline of visual creativity’, working without any boundaries in the creative industry.

Mark’s new exhibition, endorsed by The Royal British Legion Our poppy sculptures’, WW1 Centenary initiative, showcasing with Land Securities, Victoria, the RAF and Royal Armouries Museums, including London Poppy Day with the Legion, challenges the partnerships of Remembrance, Public Art, Sculpture, Music and Product Design.



With over 400 sketch books, over 18,000 montage sketches, an ever-growing collage 80 metres long and 1.5 metres high, titled 'Tapestry of Ideas'. Mark’s sketches are his trademark New Renaissance Man’ output of diagrams, notes and drawings. Mark commented, ‘My tapestries are a Ticker-tape of my imagination: a diary of day to day sketches and ideas.’

Since early childhood, Mark has been obsessed with his sketch books and colouring pens in order to communicate his concepts; colourfully painted sketches have become the MH Brand’s corporate identity. He also, makes scaled maquettes of his ideas, developing his work into a 3-dimensional physical reality, an installation titled Tower of Maquettes’.


Mark crafts private and commercial commissioned Products, Rooms, Buildings, Landscapes, Transport and Public Art. Inventing interactive works engineered to the highest standards on time and budget, combining the finest materials and construction processes.


Mark’s shows exhibit his Product Sculptures and Architectural Installations, unique works and editions for loan, auction and sale. Also offering commissions from concept to completion, including designs for global brands and charities under licence.


New exhibition opens at Jumeirah, Park Lane ‘Skin on skin, stone on stone’

December 4, 2013

Mark Humphrey’s latest exhibition ‘Skin on skin, stone on stone’ has opened at Jumierah’s Grosvenor House apartments on Park Lane, London. The exhibition includes illuminated onyx, rock crystal and Belgian black marble furniture sculptures and exotic leather jackets and bags.


‘Our Poppy Sculptures pt2’, 2013

November 8, 2013

Museum visitors and passers-by are being invited to dedicate and insert a poppy into a brand new sculpture due to be installed at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. The sculpture – honouring the one million UK and Commonwealth servicemen who …

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